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Shanghai Dynasty


When we look at the history of Spiderman games, we can definitely say that it is a complicated one. For a very long time we were able to associate Spiderman with a comic book series. When the comic was first released, it became a favourite rather quickly. Advancements in technology that are widely available to us today were not available back when Spiderman was first introduced. Programmers were not around to create a strong entertaining storyline through computers or gaming systems. Shortly after the Spiderman franchise gained enormous recognition, fans around the world were able to watch their favourite superhero evolve on to a television series and then on to the theatres.

When technology evolved and developed, so did the story of Spiderman. As we saw advancements take place, shortly after Spiderman games were created. Spiderman games allowed gamers to feel as if they were part of the action in the storyline that was introduced in the game.

Spiderman Games

Spiderman Dark Side
Spiderman Man - Dark Side. You must help Dark Spider Man pass all obstacles with his shackles.
Play Spiderman Dark Side Game
SpiderMan Web of Shadows
Launch trailer for Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, PC, Nintendo Wii.
Play SpiderMan Web of Shadows
Spiderman 3 Rescue Mary Jane
Spiderman 3: Resuce Mary Jane Free Game: Help Spiderman save Mary Jane before its too late! Swing through the city using your webs. Don't fall or get knocked out by enemies or you'll waste precious time!
Play Spiderman 3 Game
Spiderman The Adventures of Spiderhog
A Sonic the hedgehog styled version of SpiderMan. There may be some changes to the SpiderMan storyline. Try to spot the MAJOR differences.
Play Spiderman The Adventures of Spiderhog
Spiderman Games Web of Words
Spell words and climb buildings to help Spiderman keep the city secure from Doc Ock. In this game your aim is to progress Spider-Man through every level by spelling words.
Play Spiderman Games Web of Words
Spiderman 3
Spider-man 3 is a flash 3d animation similar to that of the n action adventure game.
Play Spider man 3
Spiderman Jump
Evil has taken over New York City. You must whipe the streets clean in this spiderman jump flash game!
Play Spiderman Jump
Play Spiderman Games
Click here for the best Spiderman Games!
Spiderman Games
Spiderman Dr Octopus Rampage
Beat em up, destroy anything in your path with Spider Man's Dr Octopus!
Play Spiderman Dr Octopus Rampage
Spiderman Epidsode 1
Explore through the city as you destroy your enemies in this Spiderman Game.
Play Spiderman Epidsode 1
Spiderman Web
Watch a flash animation of Spiderman creating a web show.
Play Spiderman Web
Spiderman vs Carnage
Spiderman movie from 1994 series guest starring iron man
Watch Spiderman vs Carnage Video
Spiderman City Raid
Venture through the city and cast your web on the enemies and bring safety back to the people!
Play Spiderman Games
Spiderman Spider Swing
Swing across from one web to another while hitting down enemies to their doom.
Play Spiderman Spider Swing
Spiderman 3
Spider-man 3 is a flash 3d animation similar to that of the n action adventure game.
Play Spider man 3

The growth of the Spiderman character over the past several years has truly been amazing. We view the development of computer technology along with video game system technology which has brought game developers to generate very detailed stories for many Spiderman games online over the past many years.

Generally, you will feel as if you were living in the world of Spidy. Not only will you be able to connect with the characters that are involved in the game but you will also be able to take part in the action and adventure that is designed in the story line. If you like to play Spiderman games, you already know how fun and entertaining they can be.

Someone who is really interested in playing Spider Man games has many options that are available to them. Apart from console gaming systems, and interactive arcade systems you can play Spiderman games in many variations that are available on our website for free. Gamers can truly experience a lot of fun with online Spiderman games as high end visuals and amazing sound quality are both part of what makes the online variations of the game very popular - not to mention the different story lines available.

If you are an individual that really loves Spiderman, you can see the variety of options that are available to you on our website. With the nice collection of games you can have lots of fun playing Spiderman from the comfort of your computer.


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Description: Slash all Gooey Monsters, A - Jump / S - Slash
Player: You are player number 29198